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Wondering where to buy the best shilajit in its purest of form? Well, you’re at the right place. Get pure shilajit in different forms from our exclusive collection of authentic products. Each and every single shilajit product is extracted from highest altitudes Himalayas.

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What’s A Pure Shilajit & How It Is Made?

As you may know that pure Shilajit is a natural adherent substance that is formed over the long period ages at the highest points of mountains in the Himalayan & other higher points of Gilgit-Baltistan.

It’s a mineral-rich, extracted from the rock crakes, feels like a tar in those mountainous terrains. Shilajit is famous to be known as the "conqueror of mountains" which flawlessly captures the essence of this unmatched substance.

By being one of the only naturally occurring substances, its nutrient characteristics consists of composite organic compounds of fulvic, humic acids, plant alkaloids, and trace minerals. Pure and the best shilajit can only be extracted in the summer while the dark gum-like thick liquid discharge from the rocks.

But, at this stage, it’s a raw shilajit. It includes sand, stones, then it gets washed up with water to remove all the heavy particles. Once the process of purification is over & all the water is evaporated after drying, then it becomes an authentic and pure shilajit form.

Benefits of Consuming Pure Shilajit

  1. Being known for adaptogenic qualities, it helps the body to maintain balance.
  2. Beneficial in managing & supporting with bone and joint wellness.
  3. Gives support with the natural Fulvic Acid.
  4. An increase in energy, stamina, and reproductive health.
  5. It normalizes the digestive systems & its functions.
  6. Boosts vitality.
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